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Drawing up graphical plans that represent all the symbolistic information related to the topography of the land, the natural details (relief, water), as well as the artificial ones (buildings, roads) of a given area represents the classical topography performance.
EXCELTOP, based on its vast experience and on the modern equipment and technology, can perform any kind of measurements for surfaces ranging from a few hectares to several decades of linear kilometers. Our areas of competence include both measurement and exterior plans, as well as measurement and compilation of interior insights.
The desire of EXCELTOP is to manage all projects, both large and small, with the same care and professionalism, in keeping with your requirements. Classical topography is an important part of our activities, as it is a basic element in drawing up plans, studies, projects, measurements and implantations. EXCELTOP has the ability to export these plans and maps to the main existing graphical systems.