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Sewage systems, water networks, pipelines and gas thoroughfares, high precision measurements, monitoring, 3D scanning, pipeline detection, archeology are some areas of the specific topography that fall within the scope of EXCELTOP.
In today’s world of motion, buildings and constructions are exposed to many influences that we need to know and anticipate.
EXCELTOP uses monitoring technology to observe and study the movements of these structures. Individual solutions with the help of adapted technologies are proposed by EXCELTOP. Modeling and drawing up plans for complex objects or buildings can be extremely unpleasant and dangerous.
EXCELTOP uses techniques and methods that allow it to measure any kind of 3D scanning structure to provide you with precise planes combined with graphics. Our specific topographies bring value to many areas of application, such as the building surveys, civil engineering works, infrastructure, architecture, archeology, quarries and the urban environment, as well as many others